Driving Lessons Part V

Firm grip on the wheel. Hand on 10 and 2, always. Motion to the left and to the right–out of other cars’ way. Signal lights on way before turning a new direction. Constant check of all 3 mirrors, and especially the blind spot when pulling out. Gradual use of the break while turning from a lane into a new left or right lane. Complete stops at stop signs, creeping up, and waiting for the clear while being mindful of which car has the right of way. A press of the gas on roads with no stop signs, while being aware that other cars may not stop at their designated stop signs.

p.s. Thanks to my dad, we completed our 5th driving lesson today!

I Cooked

At first, I was not entirely sure how to clean the protein. Then I couldn’t find the drainer for the boiled elbows. Then I struggled to pick the perfect bowl to mix the now cooked elbows and ground beef. I even struggled to open up the glass jar of Vodka sauce.

p.s. But yesterday I cooked properly. I cooked more than enough. I cooked with flavor. I cooked with love. And almost everyone ate twice or even took some for lunch. 1st meal ever completed by me. Thanks for showing me how to do this a month ago Mom!

The Good and The Bad

I want to return to school for the tranquility the views offer me. and for the bubbly people. and for the cute, picturesque town. and for the smooth track and well-maintained gym. and the new pitches for WNPC-TV. and for a semester to redecorate and create a an even better living space with my my love. and for lunch dates with friends. and for random wii and board game parties in the dorm. and for a whole semester of learning and growing and reinventing myself.

I hesitate to return to school because of the stress of coursework. and new things like my being appointed Student Activities Manager on top of Station Manager. and trying to handle other opportunities that may spring my way. and trying to get better with rapid change. and still figuring out this ‘balance’ thing in this other thing the universe created called ‘life.’ and the sacrifices I might have to make to make ends meet for me. and being selfish. and practicing self-care and self-love even more.

p.s. My sister and I had a conversation about whether we’re ready to head back to school.   We both had so much to think about for this question. It’s always this love/hate, bitter/sweet relationship we have with school. So here’s to the good and the bad in getting back to school!

Sibling Day

  1. Despicable Me 3? Check.
  2. Nachos, cheese and pretzels? Check.
  3. McDonald’s and Chipotle? Check.
  4. Dave and Busters? Check.
  5. Cool light-up, gel football prize? Check.
  6. Amazing hand-drawn portrait of the 3 siblings? Check.
  7. Getting home safe and sound. Check.

p.s. My brother, sister, and I went out last Saturday for the day. We truly enjoyed ourselves, and took care of each other. Here’s to our special ‘Sibling Day’ and to many more!

Dynee’s Home

The kids need to go to bed at a decent time. The food needs to be prepared. The dishes need to be washed. The groceries need to be bought. The laundry needs to get done and be folded and put away. The house needs a good sweeping and mopping. The doors need to be triple locked and chained.

p.s. Last Friday, my sister and I sat down to see ‘Raven’s Home’ on Disney Channel. We remember watching ‘That’s So Raven’ growing up. It was a great series, and I’m happy to watch this series now, too. Anyways, on Friday I felt like a mom while my parents were away in Aruba for a mini vacation. So, here’s to being home when your parents are away for just a while!

p.p.s. I don’t sound too fun, don’t I? 😦

When Dreams Come True…

Sometimes your dreams come true

not at the time

you would like them to

not at the time

you need them to

but maybe

at the time

that is indeed

right for you

even if you don’t see it

even if you don’t know it

even if you don’t agree with it

Sometimes your dreams come true

not at the time

you expect it to

but maybe

just maybe

it is

the right time

for you

p.s. Last Thursday, I had 3 interviews with MSNBC, NBC News booking, and Today.com. I can’t believe I got to sit down and chat with people invested in these departments. Just having the conversations with them was a dream come true. Even though I applied to so many media internships for the summer, and these internships are opportunities for the fall, I am looking forward to the process and journey regardless. Maybe now is the right time. Here’s to dreams coming true!

Student Loans

So far I’m learning that saving now is better than saving later.

That paying now

is better than

paying more later.

That paying in full

is just

being smart.

And having a budget,

a plan,

a trajectory,

is better than just waiting until the day

it’s time

to walk down

the graduation


p.s. My dad sent me an article last Wednesday about student loans. Hope you find it helpful and relatable, too. Here’s to learning how to manage this daunting debt!

p.p.s Here’s the article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mayakachroolevine/2017/07/18/6-steps-new-grads-can-take-to-prepare-for-paying-back-their-student-loans/#39a469352f48

After vacation 

you need a vacation

from this particular vacation

then a vacation from that vacation

then a deep sleep

and a series of heartfelt goodbyes in between

before you’re ready–

mentally ready

to return

and be present



p.s. We all said our goodbyes to my aunt and cousins last Tuesday. We did some last minute shopping and packing, then we dropped them off at the airport. We helped them weigh all their luggages, and said bye at security. They had a wonderful vacation and we enjoyed their time here with us, too. So, here’s to saying bye, and post vacation blues!

Top of the Rock

I’ve never seen

New York City

like this


A patch of green

in the center of the skyscrapers

Central Park with its 6 baseball fields.

An astonishing view

of even more skyscrapers.

They’re everywhere

you swivel your head

Bodies of crisp midnight blue water.

Lady Liberty saluting us.

I’ve never seen

New York City

like this


p.s. Last Monday I had a stellar time being my aunt’s tour guide. We went to the 9/11 Memorial as well as Top of the Rock. Both experiences were incredibly beautiful, and I am happy to have acquainted her and my cousins on that adventure. So, here’s to my home, New York City!

Never Fails

  1. Tony’s Restaurant
  2. El Valle
  3. Edo Japanese Steakhouse
  4. Segovia

p.s. On Sunday we went to Tony’s because my aunt was craving food from City Island. Above are the 4 restaurants that never fail. Can you think of any others in NYC and New Jersey? Here’s to good foodies!