What Did You Learn Today?

The ins and outs of the 3rd floor to the 4th floor, the back and forth between guest reception and the station, where the classroom is, and the best way to get from the cafeteria to the office and back again.

A couple of people’s positions, and the hierarchy in this thing called a media corporation.

Names of people I need, and should talk to soon.

How to operate the phone, and in some aspect, how to navigate a system within a system that’s a beast.

The fact that pumpkin Alfredo exists, and tastes great.

p.s. One of the search bars at work today said, “What do you want to learn today?” And that made me think of the different things I was already learning on my 3rd day as an intern at MSNBC. So, here’s to learning more and more each time!





Being a Problem Solver

I go on each floor of the center for student life to see how many people are around utilizing the spaces. Many students have laptops open, books sprawled across the table, and headphones plugged into their ears. I step away from the desk to do a mini presentation in the basement regarding Make a Difference Day, the largest day of service collectively throughout the nation. Meanwhile a couple of people are waiting for me by the desk. I sprint up the stairs after my 2-min. presentation, and see them. Something must be wrong. There was a mix up in the event spaces. A group that is normally in the basement was meant to be on the 1st floor for the day, and vice versa. So naturally I let the group stay in the empty space the other group was supposed to have. And they were fine with it. 

p.s. Being a Student Activities Manager (SAM) means being able to run around the building, help students along the way, and provide every group with the tools they need to have a successful time. Yesterday was totally an example of that. I’m still learning, and for sure, every job needs a problem solver. So, here’s to being one!

College Things

  1. Getting excited about a creative digital project on a Sunday
  2.  Forgetting to eat because you’re so busy running around; then settling for Cup of Noodles, microwavable mac and cheese, candy, crackers, etc. Anything in your dorm (basically) to avoid going back outside
  3. Jumping up for free food, free anything as long as it’s convenient
  4. Finding good songs to knock out assignments and errands with
  5. Taking a break from life to watch Netflix

p.s.  I’ve done all 5 things today. Hope you have a productive week, and happy Sunday!

MSNBC Day 2 

I catch up on my emails, shadow someone, then begin my web-based orientation. I get back on my email, skimming what’s new, while catching a glimpse of one of the 4 televisions in my work space. I take notes about what to do next, and catch up on my planner. Someone comes to pick me up, and I head to another floor to shadow another person for the 9am show. I hand anchor Ali Velshi his script during every 3 minute commercial break. I switch out papers, and help revise part of the script, and here’s where my love for making every word count comes in. I then watch the live show while also assisting with it, taking notes as they talk about the massive news stories: Equifax, Irma devastation, Trump’s response to North Korea’s longest-distant missile attack that crossed over Japan, etc. I observe the way each story is talked about, the interview subjects that come in, and the behind-the-scenes technical work that comes into play. I take off my headset, say goodbye, and head off to a welcome, respect, and networking event. I meet a couple of other interns, too. Then, it’s lunch time! I find a gem in the cafeteria that taste like Chipotle. #yas

p.s. The rest of my experience is documented in my notebook so I can keep tally of what I do and what I learn everyday. Here’s to day 2 in the office, control room, and overall building! #rockefellerplaza #citylife #Tuesdays #Fridays #InternatNBCU #THowardFoundation

Time: The Invisible Monarchy

It is etched in our brains

like no other sequence

We know that it consists of


that create

minutes and seconds and

milliseconds of moments

and in this time

we seek for ways to manipulate it

and ask for more time to create

more moments

and in this time

of creating


these moments

are also already


because time is moving

even now

as I write

and think

and breathe

and live

time is changing

and in this time

that it is

I help my brother with finding middle schools for his next chapter in time,

and I help my sister with her creative project assignment for this era of time

and during this time,

I do my best

to relish in

this allotment of the future

which will soon become

the past

even now

as I write,





p.s. On Thursday I helped my siblings with doing some research for their various assignments. My sister needs to create a digital element on a book she is reading with a group of other students. My brother is thinking about middle school, and it’s only the 2nd week of classes for him. They both asked me to help them, and even though I’m away at school, I always want to be a resource for those munchkins. Here’s to this incredible, invisible, indispensable monarchy called, Time!


Transition is an unfathomable thing.

One day you were this person.

The following year you’re a whole new person.

And it’s in the process

of evolving

in what seems like an instant

that you’re


and better

and more aware

of you

and others

and the things that make you,

the more wonderful, you.

p.s. On Thursday my sister created a YouTube video clip about having evolved from elementary to high school as a person, and her conversation made me create this poem above. So, here’s to evolving!

Being Healthy

“means trusting your body right which will inevitably result in self-love.” -Maxey Greene

Being healthy means


and working out

and drinking water

and relaxing

and not necessarily in that order,

and doing things you love

with the people you love

and having time for yourself

and doing what you have to do

in a positive way

to minimize stress

and maximize

peace, sanity, and serendipity.

p.s.  On Wednesday I read a couple of Q and A articles, and I enjoyed them. The article below was my favorite. Hope you enjoy it, too. Here’s to body confidence, and being healthy!

p.p.s. Article linked here: https://fattykakes.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/plus-size-model-profile-maxey-greene/

1st Day at MSNBC

I’ve never read so much news in my life. Article after article, I took notes, and figured out  why these topics were being written about. Irma after Irma piece. Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened? And her interview with Savanah Sellers about what it feels like to lose a Presidential Election. The 11 a.m. show itself: what a sight to see people communicating behind headphones and computers to be certain that the live show is always successful. Person after person. It will take me a while to get their names, but I will. I know who I need to be remembered by.  I took a tour with my supervisor, and spotted my friend, Casey, working with Sellers. I was so excited to hug my dear friend on the 4th floor. My supervisor was surprised I knew someone; I took that as a good sign. I read more news, and asked so many questions. I sent an update to my supervisor, and worked on new hire paperwork, and internship logistics. He loved my questions, and told me so in an email.

p.s. Tuesday was my 1st Day as an NBC News Group Intern for MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle ⭐️The rush I get just being inside the studio, behind the scenes, watching news unfold, asking questions as it happens, and seeing where I could see myself in the next couple of weeks is I M M E N S E.

p.p.s. I also got to see my Dad! What a special BONUS ❤️ 🎬#thowardfoundation #nbcuintern#grateful


  1. I will network everyday I go in the office. I should meet someone new, or at least have a conversation with everyone in my department throughout my internship experience.
  2. I will make it a point to shadow people: anchors, reporters, editors, producers, and supervisors. I will especially pay attention to the producers, and ask a million smart questions.
  3. I will grit my teeth, and go in with a smile, always, especially for tasks that are mundane, or challenging or not my favorite thing in the world.
  4. I will do my best to pitch stories, and give feedback, and ask questions of others who pitch stories.
  5. I will thank my supervisor time and time again for his constructive feedback.
  6. I will relish in every opportunity I can get my hands on. I will reflect. I will share that knowledge.
  7. I will update my resume, and create new business cards.
  8. I will keep in contact with my peers and mentors and people who are happy to help me succeed. I will give back, and help my peers, too.
  9. I will do my best to be unforgettable in a positive way.
  10. I will remind myself to be grateful (no matter what), and not push away people trying to guide me.

p.s. Tomorrow I begin my 1st day as an intern as MSNBC. Can’t wait to do what my offer letter says, and more. Above are my goals. I will continue to adjust them as I see fit.  Thanks for reading and being on this journey with me!