Summer Goals

Meet up with friends and mentors I haven’t seen in months (setting up plans as I write)

Have a big gathering with a mesh of people to celebrate senior year (thinking about this a lot)

Drink water for dinner (as I did in Spain)

Eliminate soda from my diet (I’ve done it before)

Think about how your experience abroad has changed you, and move on (harder than it seems)

p.s. Here’s what I thought about yesterday as I envisioned the rest of my summer. I have 1 month and 3 days left before I begin my last school year (for now)! Here’s to all the feels!


What I Miss About Madrid

I miss speaking in Spanish all the time. I miss using the metro and Renfe to get anywhere locally and nationally. I miss living in the heart of Madrid– 5 stops away from the city center. I miss my tacos, and tinto de veranos, and croquetas. I miss Asun’s table talk. I miss my Thursday lunches with my roommate after school. I miss planning something cool to do every weekend (though at the time, it was exhausting!). I miss strolling through Buen Retiro park. I miss street performers. I miss the magical royal palace. I miss how I felt in Toledo. I miss my family friend, Shakira. I miss the stunning sunsets. I miss my clothes on the clothes line. I miss living on the same street as my last name. I miss telling a story.

p.s. I saw some cousins I hadn’t seen since November on Saturday, and they asked me about my trip abroad. It reminded me of all the things I’ve been missing a little everyday. Here it is! I knew this would happen.

p.p.s. What do you miss about the place you’ve once traveled to, or once lived?

Study Abroad Video Reactions

“This is so good, Dynahlee!”

“I’m impressed!”


“This is so beautiful!”

“I love this video!! WOW, you had such a rich experience over there!”

“Thank you for sharing!”

“So happy for you to be experiencing all of this!”

“This is so sick!”

“Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures!”

p.s. I received so much love about my study abroad video on Friday! Feel free to shoot me any questions and comments here too, if you have any. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much.

Study Abroad Video

p.s. Here’s my experience studying abroad in Madrid, Spain during spring 2018, and having the opportunity to visit Morocco, Africa, and Paris, France along the way. What a time, and thanks for watching! Much love.

p.p.s. Joseph and I finished editing both our videos last night. It’s been a crazy 4 weeks putting this together, but we DID it! And now, we get to share it with YOU!

Coffee Talk

The first thing that you say as a reporter should be relatable or dramatic, and always true. Start with something that’s going to make people want to continue listening. Say something that will spark someone’s curiosity. Make them interested enough to want to know more. Be interested so they can be interested, and the story you’re sharing can be interesting.

p.s. On Wednesday, I was happy to share a coffee talk experience with a reporter who already feels like my friend, Jessica Cunnington. We talked about my travel experience, college in general, her past, this career, and our future goals. And she helped me think about my television reel, which will be a culmination of video clips, packages, and stand-ups of my best work as an aspiring journalist. She said I have more than enough to start where I want to next year. And with that, she paid for our morning drinks. “Until you have your first reporting job, then I’ll let you pay!” And with that, we cheered and smiled and went along our day. Here’s to coffee talk with new, wonderful people!

Central Park

green trees that enclose

baseball fields

and ice-cream

and beer

and dogs

and bikes

and horses

and shrieks of laughter

and all types of banter

all with a view

of a miniature


p.s. I saw my Dad play softball today, and his team won! My little brother Jaden practiced catching and batting up, and I saw the most stunning view behind him in the field. I captured a pretty good photo of him, too. Central Park is not too shabby, not too shabby at all. Here’s to the winning team–3rd time in a row!

Special Thanks

to mom and dad for raising me,

grandma for spoiling me,

sister for teaching me,

brother for loving me,

love for finding me,

cousins, friends, and mentors for supporting me

and travel for giving me

the life

I’ve been dreaming of

p.s. I’ve been thinking about who and what I will add to my ‘Special Thanks’ portion of my study abroad video. Once I complete editing, my experience will truly just be a motion of pictures that come to an end. Working on this video has allowed me to relive the most beautiful moments of my experience. And I think it will give me the closure I’ve been needing while being back in my home country. Here’s to being especially thankful for it all!


I have middle school to thank,

for being able to celebrate

our 21st birthdays

share smiles

and conversation

and favorite places

and favorite people

and moments

and homes

and meals

and friendships

I don’t think I give credit to that place enough

but it’s offered me so much

and still keeps on giving

p.s. Yesterday we celebrated my best friend’s 21st birthday. From Saturday night bowling, singing, and dancing, to Sunday  evening chocolate cake, lottery scratch-off games, and cheers with cold pink moscotao in wedding-gift wine glasses, it was a birthday weekend to remember. Happiest of birthdays to my best friend forever, Melisa!


Recreating Memories

My cousin found an old photo in her phone of us two doing a dance pose. I remember that day because that was the day we had family from Puerto Rico come to our great grandma’s home, and teach us a dance. And on Saturday, 15 years later, we recreated that pose, and saw that same family member, and spent time with our great grandmother–which was all unplanned.

p.s. Crazy?! We had a family barbecue in Albany on Saturday, and recreating memories was my favorite part of the day. 🙂 Here’s to cousin love!

1 Month Home

Since being back in NYC

I’ve met up with some high school friends

reunited with some of my international friends

got in touch with an really awesome local reporter

went out with my middle school crew for our friend’s 21st birthday

saw my cousin’s high school year book and saw some familiar faces which brought back middle school memories

went to Albany to see family all together

and am still working on my study abroad video, premiere coming soon

p.s. On Friday, I realized I had been home for 4 weeks. Can’t believe this summer in NY is almost over!