Day 92 in Spain: Thursday Treats

A new haircut on a beautiful spring day and my roommate’s reaction to it

Nachos, tacos, and enchiladas right next door to our home

A walk in the sun, while looking at the pink cherry blossoms all across our street

Manicures and pedicures at a place that reminds me of Benefit Brow, so pink and pretty

p.s. My roommate and I decided to go out every Thursday after school for the past 3 weeks. We only have about 7 weeks left, and for her, even less, since she is leaving in the middle of May! So, our first Thursday out, we went to a Mexican restaurant that just opened up next to home, and we loved it. Then we took a nap. The following Thursday we went to another Mexican restaurant called, Takos al Pastor, and then got MadWaffle (ice cream on a hot chocolate waffle). Then, went home, and took a nap again. Haha! Yesterday we got mani pedis, and talked in Spanish almost the whole time. We enjoyed the sun so much. Here’s to Thursday Treats!


Day 91 in Spain: My Search for Pizza

I walked to the mall and couldn’t find a single place that sold pizza. Each place only had pastries!

I walked to the nearest pizzeria, but it was a restaurant. I couldn’t go in there with my bookbag!

I walked to an American diner I thought might have pizza but it had a combo of ham, parsley, and mozzarella cheese. I settled for it because it also sold milkshakes. I was desperate!

p.s. On Wednesday I really wanted a slice of pizza, but not a whole pie from Dominoes. So I went on a hunt for pizza. Of course, the next day I found a Telepizza similar to a Pizza Studio in the Bronx. Goodness! Here’s to trying to find my NY pizza in Madrid! #hopefulthinking

Day 90 in Spain: 3 Months Since I’ve Left Home

Have I really been living and studying in Madrid for 90 days? Each time I mark a new month, I cannot believe it.

This past month, I celebrated spring break and Easter in Spain. During this time, I checked out local markets, visited Madrid’s Zoo and Aquarium, saw Beauty and the Beast on broadway and in Spanish, watched 2 movies at a local theatre including Black Panther, went to a bullfight, visited Granada, Spain, and ate lots of tacos and gelato.

I checked out my family friend’s bar, and it was super cute.

I booked a trip to Paris for May! And booked a trip to Valencia, Spain with my roommate, Sarah for a mini break we have coming up in late April. Yay!

I visited the Warner Brother Amusement park (Parque Warner), and loved it!

I contacted some old work friends at MSNBC, and they were happy to hear from me.

I had brunch with a group of girls who are the friends I didn’t know I needed here.

I also sent out the last of all my letters to my donors to say hello, and give a special thanks to them for their donation.

I applied to more internships and jobs than I thought possible while being abroad.

I registered for classes in my last year, and got my old job back which pays for my dormitory expenses back at my home university, so I am super grateful.

I got the recipe for my favorite dish back home thanks to my Grandma Maribel, and sent it to my Host Mom, because she is willing to try it. Woo!

p.s. Here’s to the 3 months here in Madrid! It’s been a wonderful and wild ride. Home, sweet home, I’ll be there soon.

Day 89 in Spain: she exists without your existence

she lights up others with her words

she turns heads when she speaks

she engages others with her thoughts






she is just her

p.s. Yesterday I saw an awesome sentence on Instagram that made me think of poetry. Hope your Monday was productive and something sparked your mind, too!

Day 88 in Spain: Brunch at Roll

burrito breakfast with eggs, potatoes, guac, pico de gallo, cheese and bacon

cute couches that give more life to the atmosphere

convos that add to the ambience

p.s. My friends and I went to get brunch at Roll. I tried a Bloody Mary, and let’s just say, never again. Haha! But brunch and convo was great. We all talked about our HS days. Here’s to good eats, great friends, and Sunday Funday(s)!

Day 87 in Spain: Warner Brothers Amusement Park

Scariest Ride: Stunt Fall, the only one in Spain

Best Ride: Superman, Attraction of Steel, the only one in Europe

Smoothest Ride: Batman, with the option to buy Samsung VR glasses for a virtual experience

p.s. I had such an awesome time at this amusement park with my friend Cristina yesterday! We were able to get on our favorite rides more than once with little to no wait-time. Thanks to my family friend, Castro, for recommending it to me. Here’s to thrills in Europe!

Day 86 in Spain: My Playlist

To Study: Flamenco or Guitar Instrumentals

To Jam: Demi Lovato, Romeo Santos, and Shakira

To Write: Artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey

p.s. To get work done while being abroad, I listen to a whole bunch of music in Spanish and English to get into the groove of things. Here’s to what I have been listening to all semester, especially lately!

Day 85 in Spain: Favorite Places in Madrid

Tapas and drinks: 100 Montaditos for tinto de verano!

Park: Buen Retiro for the statues, gardens, lake, fountains, castle and row boats

Museum: Reina Sofia for its pop culture art

Dessert: MadWaffle with banana ice-cream surround by a hot chocolate-drizzled waffle

Zoo: for an awesome experience with animals on a sunny day

El Escorial: The Monastery was a sight I will continue to recommend for people to visit

Discount Store: HEMA for little things you cannot live without like strawberry sour belts

Shop: In the center of Gran Vía. It’s so lovely to just walk around there!

p.s. I went to get some drinks with my friends last night at 100 Montaditos. I am going to miss that place! I got 2 drinks for 3 euros, which is less than 5 bucks in American dollars. Score! We talked about what we want to accomplish while we are still here, projects and exams, and going home. All less than 2 months away. Here’s to the little things I’ll miss about Madrid!

Day 84 in Spain: Art Here

One cannot enjoy viewing art, if one is standing, he said. You wouldn’t stand up watching a movie or reading a book, so why would you stand to view art? So I have urged the galleries to add couches. They won’t budge, he said.

One needs to have art make them think. Thinking is this principle that cannot be lost. Art, literature, plays–wouldn’t serve a purpose in people’s lives if neither made them think differently each time they saw it or read it.

One needs to read to find inspiration. Determine what his obsessions are, and know what’s in his sub-conscience. All of these things combined connect some way in the brain to produce pieces of work. It’s not only one thing that sparks the making of a masterpiece.

p.s. I read a ‘Q and A’ interview with famous painters, father and son, Juan and Pedro Genovés, from Spain. Their responses taught me a lot about how art and writing are intertwined. A lot of the elements that make people love works of art on walls are the same reasons why people love reading a great piece of literature in print. So, here’s to the nature of art!

p.p.s. I could not find an English version of the article, but I encourage you to look up these painters! The original article is called, “El Gen Genoves.”

Day 83 in Spain: Short Story Snippets

He looked at her with the most heaviest eyes.

She grabbed her pillow with elephant ears from the floor, and went to pick up her luggage.

Love is a like a flower. It grows. It changes. It gets nutriance from the sun.

p.s. Here’s to my first draft of my first short story in Spanish!

p.p.s. Direct translations are not perfect. It’s a much more beautiful story in Spanish. Cannot wait to share!