Finding your soul yourself.

Really nourishing your soul yourself.

Exhaling energy that doesn’t belong in you yourself.

Emerging after finding, nourishing, and exhaling.

p.s. I just finished watching an episode of ‘Nashville,’ and by the end of it, one of my favorite singers said she felt, “Free.” Here’s to feeling absolutely free!

Driving Lesson Countdown

I’ve been on the roads lately.

Still a novice driver just trying to find the right rhythm to reversing.

Still a novice driver just trying to find the right method to watching reflections in my mirrors.

Still a novice driver just trying to park gracefully on her left.

p.s. 2 days until my road test (weep). Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me improve on my driving everyday! Yesterday was one of my best days driving (minus the sharp reverse I had pulling out of the parking before we began). (Oops).

Summertime Sadness

The sun finds itself behind clouds, and disappears to let fall begin its cycle. The grass is green, but the other side is still greener, until frosty snow covers its lusciousness. The summertime bugs seek other places to call home, and college kids do the same.

p.s. On Saturday I went to the pool for the 1st and last time this summer. We played Taboo, jumped in the pool, had a game of frisbee, and ate tons of BBQ food. Here’s to the last days of summer!

Dinner with Luvs

Melisa cleaned and skinned the brown potatoes and then cut them into french fries (Yum!).

Jeremiah mixed the yellow cake batter and added marshmallows to the pan to give the treat a sweet, fluffy taste. He also seasoned and fried the fries (Yum!).

I cleaned, seasoned, and fried the breaded chicken cutlet (Yum!).

Elba helped gather all the materials, while being observant of the oven, stove, and how all the food was being prepared (Yay!).

p.s. Here’s when your friend’s mom leaves to DR, and you and your friends get together to make a meal and help her survive. That’s what I call ‘team effort.’ And a great way to end a Friday night. Hope your weekend was just as great as how mine started! #lotsoflove

Be Humble, Sit Down

You expect  life and all of its supplements to be one way

or rather,

you want life and its supplements

to be

this way

but then you realize that it

can’t be

won’t be

doesn’t have to be




you make it

what it is

and hopefully

you’re adding magic

each time

you’re living it.

p.s. On Thursday, towards the end of my shift, a colleague and I were talking about life. Above is a synopsis of what we talked about. I’ll miss having good convos with real humans at the Intrepid. Here’s to being humble, and sitting down!

School Dos and Don’ts

Buy a planner and use it immensely.

Write down plans in the calendar and do them vigorously.

Learn how to be studious all while being happy.

Don’t set yourself up to become overwhelmed; know when to take a step back.

Don’t forget to eat nor to breathe, and especially don’t forget to take well-deserved power naps; know when it’s time for self-care.

Don’t forget to talk to different people who care for you. Don’t let them forget that you’re there for them, as much as they’re there for you. And do your best to hang out with them, and follow through.

p.s. On Wednesday my sister bought me some things for school. Above is what I was contemplating about during that time. Here’s to singing that song again (school)!

Driving with Mom

Prepare to drive well. Get ready for hills. Don’t hesitate to reverse. Mirror techniques learned in lessons. Prepare for her to yell. Get ready for her to critique. Don’t hesitate to ask her questions while also paying attention to the road. Mirror her hand movements.

p.s. On Tuesday, I drove with my mom as my passenger for the 1st time! Here’s to driving with Mom!

3 Wishes

If I had 3 wishes,

I’d wish for 3 things to work out.

I’d wish for smooth sailing, or rather driving,  to pass my road test.

I’d wish for peace and tranquility within me throughout this process of preparing for my internship.

I’d wish for the same serenity for getting back to the groove of school and new commitments.

p.s. My brother asked me before we went to bed on Monday if I had 3 wishes what I’d wish for. Above are the wishes I shared with him. Here’s to wishing!

Junior Year

is the time you think differently

open up your mind to the possibilities

and seek for something within the depths of you

without even knowing possible

it’s the reflection process

that keeps on reflecting

and each time you think,

you reach toward

a much more refined brink



p.s. My sister talked to my mom and I today about opening up her field of work to  explore culinary arts and not just her passion in pastry arts. So, here’s to junior year! Can’t believe my sis and I are juniors-her in high school, and me in college. How did that happen?

Taboo Rules

  1. Think about the words surrounding the main word without saying any of the ‘taboo’ words
  2. Flip through the cards quickly, while keeping a keen eye on the pink sandy timer, being careful not to drop any cards on the floor
  3. Have a blast while going through the cards in a blast

p.s. I think Taboo has to be my favorite party game ever. I love words and this game makes you think carefully about what words you need to use. Yesterday I played a game with my parents and cousins and we had a blast. So here are rules you need to know before  delving in!