We permitted the rain to run all over our flushed faces. Humidity mixed with running rain equals a pleasant freshness on our skin without the effect of flaying. We allowed the rain to run all over our shoulders and legs. Humidity mixed with our running in the rain equals a pleasant coolness in our bodies without the effect of simply sweating. Rain running and running in rain, equal Mother Nature smiling at our smiles because we have finally appreciated it’s supernal beauty.

p.s. My sister and I took a stroll through Crotona Park to talk and get some exercise away from home. It began pouring, but we didn’t mind. In fact, we both wanted to walk in the rain, saying it would be fun, and that we had always wanted to do that. So, as sisters, we did and embraced the running rain and rain running. To, Mother Nature in its purest form of tearful beauty!


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