I don’t know when we began falling for each other. But it was sometime a little before or rather in between him meeting my parents and family, and me meeting his mom and his sister. It was then that I saw our bridges of exponential potential link from one end to the next. I’m not sure why I can’t remember, but I have a mini theory. We were only 13, and didn’t know what love was. The definition then was something generic. But now, we both see that the intangible beauty called love, expands with experiences we have with each other, one another, and apart.  And it can’t ever be really defined perfectly, because love is imperfect in all the right places. Right?

p.s. I saw an old movie called “Good Will Hunting” and it was so fantastic in details and emotional upbringing. I love when movies can do that for me. Robin Williams played a professor and therapist in the motion picture and stated that “A soulmate is someone who challenges you, and yet still touches your soul.” Joseph is that for me. He questions me when I need him too, while still loving me internally. To love, being loved, and falling in and out of love with people, places, interests, and other important things,  because that’s what the underlying message of all my blog posts are about anyway! 🙂


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