They bug you in a sweet, bat-your-eyelashes kind of way to play video games with them. They swear they’re not going easy on you just because you’re a girl playing this fighting game for the first time. They explain the game to you expecting you to get it in one photographic memory shot. They say you’re pretty good at the game after a few trials and mostly errors. They say let’s keep playing because their accustomed to the fingers dialing, pressing, and tapping away at the joystick. They don’t get that you’re hands are much more delicate.

p.s. My boyfriend and little brother got me into an awesome video game called Mortal Kombat. The graphics on the screen, as well as the movement/skills of each character is incredible. But after a while, my hands began to hurt a bit, while their own hands didn’t faze them one bit. Either way, I had a great time trying something new with the boys! Why not?

p.s.s. Thanks Joseph and Jaden!


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