1. Not knowing if your roommate will like you, love you, hate you, annoy you, scare you, or anything and everything else in between.

2. Not liking or loving or wanting the food in the dining hall, other edible eateries, and perhaps, cupboards.

3. Not knowing how to study, when to study, what to study, where to study, who to study, why you have to study, because you’re genuinely confused about it all.

4. Not knowing if you’re intended major will be your 1st love, or last love, or both, because people’s interests change like the forms of water.

5. Not understanding your professor, his views, her views, her style, his style, academically or outside the classroom.

6. Feeling super homesick even if you think that it’s not a possibility right now; it’s probable.

7. Washing clothes, and thinking you’ll make a huge mess with lots of water and detergent and bubbles galore.

8. Sharing a bathroom with sort of, kind of, strangers.

9.Traveling on and off campus, and being afraid that you”ll get lost, so you do.

10. Hating the school… but then again, it’s SUNY New Paltz; so we’ll love the school regardless.

p.s. My friend and I were discussing our freshman fears as undergraduate students, and so I compiled this list to make the fears more real, but also less scary; I know many other students are going through some of these same fears and it’s just nice to know that “We’re all in this together!” (literally). So, to coming together in a time of struggle!


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