Well, I’ve always been obsessed with worthy  words and lengthy language and simple yet, defining definitions. Speaking of definitions, I’ve always been obsessed with organization, in and of my “Notes” on my IPhone. Each note forms its own immaculate categorization like a cupboard, a fridge, or a bookcase. I’ve always obsessed over the color blue, and now purple, but not any blue or purple. I adore the teals and turquoise textures or royal, midnight blues , and as for the purple, my favorite is blackberry farm, the color of the walls in the 1st room I had to and for myself. I’m obsessed with emails, like a constant game, I want to win, read them all, place them into folders that cannot unfold until I unfold them. I’m obsessed with repetition. Don’t you see? I’m obsessed with writing about writing. I’m obsessed with making my captions on social media meaningful. I’m obsessed with the pallets in makeup. Names of eyeshadow shades like: truth, dragon,vanity, alien, last sin, undone, freeze, lucky, alchemy, angel, downfall, heroine, reign, bondage, defy ,sonic, and revolver. I’m  obsessed with flowers; I love using them as metaphors because flowers do bloom, just like people. I’m obsessed with keeping busy, as I have a list of to-dos everyday. I’m obsessed with talking, because I like to articulate what I mean and what I have to say. I’m obsessed with feelings and emotions and the impact of their vibrancy on memory. I’m obsessed.

p.s. I read an interview about a phenomenal young woman I’ve had the privilege to meet and write with at Rena’s Promise International Writing Camp last year. Her name is Esther Mathieu. Her collection of poems called Constellations was recently  published, and I read a Q and A about her writing style. One of the questions was: “What would you say your latest obsession is?” I thought it was an interesting one to ask an artist/poet as I never thought about themes or topics of composition in that way. Then I thought what I was obsessed with in my writing, and in life.  So, to being obsessed over little things that make you, you!

p.s.s. Congrats, Esther! Job (more than) well done! Super happy for you.



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