about art is, its colors, because colors speak. Its uniqueness. Its shapes. It forms and platforms. Its sizes. Its tools and supplies and mediums. Its negative space. Its action. Its persuasion. Its ability to catch more than a glimpse of attention. Its aesthetic. Its derived inspiration. Its confusion. Its happiness. Its sadness. Its anger. Its love. Its hate. Its mood. Its aliveness. Its silence. It’s human connection, because for some reason, inanimate always reaches an animate who is in utter awe.

p.s. I went to my brother’s dance performance at camp today, and it was so well-thought out and adorable! They danced to “I Believe.” I also checked out the camp’s “Social Justice” art and the room was full of amazing neon, glow-in-the-dark pieces that looked so cool. I really enjoyed being there and supporting him, and his camp’s achievements. So, to art that makes you want to dance, scream, and shout because its so beautiful!


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