I love having the photos right in front of me when I take them. I love how it’s so small and compact and cute. I love how it’s old-fashioned. I love how big and bright and brilliant the flash is. I love the look of people when they see an old, but elegant piece of technology they used to have. I love fusing Polaroids with social media because it weaves in the old with the new.

p.s. My dad took my family and I out to the diner, and we asked the waiter to take us a photo with my Polaroid. She said, “Hace tiempo que no haya visto eso,” which translates to “It’s been a while since I’ve seen this.” She was so surprised to take a photo of us in that fashion that she shook her head and smiled; I appreciated her reaction and gifted her with a smile. So, to Polaroids that take the perfect-picture moments right when you want it!

p.s.s Last diner outing with my family for a while (I moved to SUNY New Paltz 2 days later). :O 🙂


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