I want to connect with my professors in and outside of the classroom. As much as I can. Because I want them to know I care, and I want them to care for me. By going up to them, introducing myself, asking clarification and curious questions. I want to have deep, intellectual, metaphorical, and important conversations with students, teachers, peers, and friends. As much as I can. In order to talk about what needs to be listened to. By bringing powerful topics up. I want to work hard in a way that not only feels rewarding, but uplifting, liberating, and right for me in every way. As much as I can. So that I can do what I love and love and adore and appreciate all that I do. By remembering why I am here. I want to join and commit to clubs that accentuate my passions. As much as I can. To fulfill my brain with knowledge, more knowledge, and wisdom. By going to these remarkable environments. I want to enjoy, relish, and savor every good and bad and in-between- moment at and within my college life and experiences. As much as I can. Because there’s no need to sulk. By taking each day on full of life.

p.s. Thursday was Moving-In-Day at SUNY New Paltz! Oh My Goodness! It was a bitter-sweet moment for sure, but definitely successful (thank you family!). Later on in the evening, I went to an event to see a comedian perform on campus, and he was humorous, inspiring, and weird in a great way. (#Keepcalmandstayweird) He told the crowd to do a “what, when, why and how” prompt of how’d we take on our first semester of college. So, here it is! And, here’s to a great school year with aims and goals with YOU all!


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