A root can only grow if watered. It must be watered so that it doesn’t wilt. It must be nurtured so that it doesn’t become narcissistic. It must be spoken to daily so that it doesn’t deteriorate. It must know who you are so that it doesn’t feel abandoned. It must feel wanted so that it wishes best wishes on others. Appreciated so that it accentuates others. Respected so that it remembers others. Loved so that it keeps spreading, growing, and exposing even more love to and for and with others. Lasting love, for others: most of all.

p.s. “The grass may be just a bit greener on the other side because you didn’t water the roots.” -Rumnit, my Scholar’s Mentorship Professor. Roots equal a foundation. A foundation equals a family. A family equals a love beyond words but not limited to experiences. And here, at SUNY New Paltz, we all need to have roots, build roots, and keep roots, that will help us bloom. So, here’s to roots that guide us, protect us, and create the dirt roads and paths to make the best versions of us!


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