Beep. Bop. Boom. Agh. Clap. Stomp. Boo.Yum. Ooo. Ahh. Brr. Slirp. Hmm. Um. Each sound a distinct version of you, where you act silly for no reason, have fun for any reason, and be you for all the right reasons. Lalala. Ooo. Ahh. Zip. Blah. Googoo. Gaga. Hip. Hip.Hooray. Yay. Boop. Drip. Bloop. Each sound a unique part of you, where you unzip your heart and unwind your chords because you want to indulge in all the right things at the right time in the right place at the right moment. Vroom. Chh. Shh. Grr. Moo. Ahh. Hahaha. Hehe. Yeet. Yolo. Zzz. Hohoho. Each sound a collective memory of you hearing, watching, and listening  to yourself building memories. That’s le rhythm.

p.s. I had a group-building session with my Scholar’s Mentorship Program today and we made our own sounds within a circle to make a music as one. It was such an interesting, strange, silly, fun, and needed experience to have as members of a new family. So, to being silly, letting go, and taking in all the new!


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