You have survived your first week of college. Your first crazy , not-so-crazy college party. Your first night and week and minutes away from home without adult adults being with you. You have survived your first week of college. You really love your roommate. You really love your new dorm. You really enjoy the company of Autumn and Mary and Haley and Joseph and Andrew and Ty. You really love late night talks. You really love the silliness. You really love the food. That’s probably what makes your day each day because food genuinely makes you happy. You really love the food.

Now, write yourself notes so you don’t forget, or get too busy, or avoid things you should keep close to your heart. Text your friends. Call your Mom and Dad. Talk with your sister and brother. See how your grandparents are doing. Read. Read more. Keep writing on your blog. Keep saving the blog posts. Look up fun things to do. Have fun. Stop taking so many photos. Or wait until everyone also wants to take photos so you can all enjoy the moments before leading up to the photos. Listen to new songs. Dance. Plan things. Make them happen. Listen up. Keep meeting new people. It’s a necessity. Love unconditionally. It’s what you do best. Always.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                 Me.

p.s. Love you, and love yourself, always.

ps.s. Earlier today I was thinking about the letter I wrote to myself freshman year of high school and how I read that same letter at the end of senior year. I want to do that again for college, and here is a take on that exercise in the 2nd person. Letters are awesome. You are awesome. Life is awesome. So, here’s to reflections within letters, because what’s a letter without the impact of the exterior and interior image you see in the mirror?


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