You go to Student Accounts to pick up your check. It seems super silly to pick up a check that you know damn well only has 12 bucks. The same 12 bucks you decided to waive on your college bill– a fee for you don’t even know what. The lady at the desk asks you for your student ID. You hand it to her quickly, wanting to get this transaction over with. She goes to the back, rummages through the documents, and finds your check. She hands it to you in an envelope. You open it quickly, wanting to see the silly little number for yourself. You read, hear, and question the three hundred and thirty-six dollars to your name. Cash this cash, your mind tells you. Call mom and dad, you heart tells you. Spend this carefully, your intellect tells you. And so, you do, because this money, whether from a loan or third party, was meant for you.

p.s. I love surprises. And surprises with a little extra cash is great. On Friday, I wasn’t expecting this much money at all, and being a college student on a budget is harder than I thought. I find myself needing bounty, hand sanitizer, and a mini mirror more than ever here. It’s as if the list of things I need to buy for college never ends. And so, I am learning. So, here’s to surprises that mean well, especially for college students on a strict budget!


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