for eternal love. unconditionally raising a child. raising a loving dog. problems warranted and unwarranted. families broken, different, traditional, or non-traditional. world peace. kindness. no shame. no anger. no sadness. no grief. confusion. curiosity. creativity. originality. feeling fear. feeling alone. coping. losing. gaining. breathing. living. achieving.

p.s. Last night,  I re-watched “Instructions Not Included,” a drama film/comedy by director Eugenio Derbez. It was a great movie about a variety of things including the struggle of being a single parent, attempting to be bilingual, and trying to keep the small family united. Thus, I took the title and worked around what I believe cannot be learned by a manual, but more though experience, faith and repetition. So, to living a life where instructions are often not included!

p.s.s. Please watch the movie, though the ending is a surprise, yet expected, and in some ways, disappointing but realistic. Wow. Lots of stuff.


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