Life is all about taking, using, breathing, understanding, living, and relishing in opportunity.

Life is all about knowing when to use, breath, understand, live, and relish in opportunity.

Life is all about finding the right opportunity to use, breathe, understand, and relish in.

p.s. In college, there are SO many opportunities to relish in. It’s so overwhelming yet comforting at the same time, just knowing that there are programs to get involved in while also balancing academics, a social life, family time, a relationship, as well as personal time. That being said, I signed up for a conversation partner who’ll I’ll be meeting with every week in order to help her get more comfortable with English. My partner is so awesome, and I can’t wait to continue getting to know this young woman who goes to a university in Japan. I’m also contemplating about Study Abroad for my sophomore or junior year, and the meeting I went to to learn more about it was very eye-opening, informative, and realistic. Besides that, I am most likely joining Journalism and Media Society along with Yoga. It’s a lot, but with so many gaps and continuously doing assignments ahead of time, I think I will be okay. So to living life in opportunities!

p.s.s It’s all about “trial and fire” as one of my professors would say!


2 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. So fun following your adventures, Dynahlee! My 2 cents from my girls’ experiences. Second semester junior year is a sweet spot for study abroad. You are well settled in college and your major to get the most out of the experience.


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