You make a choice. But that choice molds you because perhaps it all began with how it had spoken to you, yelled at you, learned about you, motivated you, pushed you, understood you, and then loved you, as you loved it then, love it now, and will love it later, along with everyday after. Choice makes you, you. Better. Worse. Then better again. It makes you come alive. It makes you die for a few hours within moments you haven’t quite appreciated yet. Then it makes you full of loving life again. You make a choice. Then Choice makes you.

p.s. Last night I saw “If I Stay” which was about a girl who has an out-of-body experience after a terrible collision on the road with her family. However, her ability to love and be loved and be in love with the art and music of playing the cello allows her to make a choice that makes her, her. So, to making a choice that makes you, you!


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