“You have something to bring to the table?” The girl with the cat-shaped eyeglasses asked.

“I do, ” replied the girl with the black, purple-rimmed square glasses.

“Well, bring it. Show me what you got,” said the girl with the cat-shaped eyeglasses.

“I just have to ask the right types of questions. The one’s that are relevant to the conversation. The one’s that are important. The one’s the branch off with follow-ups, get deeper into the matter, and extract the right kind of truth that’s accurate,” replied the girl with the black, purple-rimmed square glasses.

“Welcome then, and thank you,” said the girl with the cat-shaped eyeglasses and a brilliant smile.

p.s. I joined New Paltz Tv today!!!! I’ll be getting my hands on broadcasting: being on television, asking questions, reporting news that covers issues and events happening on and off campus. Cannot wait! So, to knowing what you want, how you’re going to get it, and being intelligent about why you want it!



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