As my brother kicked rocks, my dad continuously told him to stop. As my dad kept walking farther ahead into the trails, my mom wanted to keep stopping to take photos of the scenic view with us in it. As my mom held my dad’s hand on our way back from the market, my grandmother commented on how cute they were. As my grandmother tried to find her phone in her big bag, my brother and sister giggled at the fact that my brother had it in his hands all along. And the funniness, the cuteness, and the familiarity of each and every one of them, reminded me why I had missed them so much.

p.s. Today was Family Weekend at SUNY New Paltz! My parents brought me so many snacks, pjs, make-up, and little things that I really appreciated, while my grandma made me great home-cooked Spanish food (to refrigerate and save for later),  and my sister brought me some of my dresses back home (and not to mention Iphone charger which I had forgotten on Moving-In-Day), my brother brought his grand bear hugs, and my great grandparents, though back at home in the Bronx, sent their snacks and blessings, too. Post 5 weeks, I was very happy to see my family again.  So, to my family for making this weekend a great family weekend!


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