I’m back home for a few days. And I’ve missed showering in my own bathroom without having to wear flip-flops. I’ve missed my cable and recorded programs. I’ve missed my dad’s music. I’ve missed church. I’ve missed my Spanish food. I’ve missed the radio. I’ve missed my scented candles. I’ve missed my brother asking me for homework help. I’ve missed my sister’s voice and craziness. I’ve missed my time with my mom to watch, and react, to our shows together. I’ve missed the purple walls of my ex-room. I’ve missed my comfy brown sofas. I’ve missed my family’s liveliness within their get-togethers and family-dinners. I’ve missed home.

p.s. On Friday, I got home after a 4 hour commute home from New Paltz, due to holiday weekend and fall break traffic. But after all, I’m glad to be back home for a few days after 7 weeks of being away from my home in the Bronx. To being in my home sweet home!


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