Facade is the ocean that looks endless,

even though there is a bottom so deep.

Facade is the cloud of clouds that looks so close,

and ready to eat

like puffs of cotton candy.

So distant…

I can’t reach.

Facade is the cluster of silent stars that seem to live infinite lives of energy,

until they die,

and yield once in a blue moons called shooting stars

that only cry.

Facade is the sun that lives and breathes harsh flames,

until it sets down to make

a perfect picture frame.

Facade is…

p.s. On Sunday, I watched an episode of “Once Upon a Time,” and in that episode, one of the kingdoms is a facade. Magic dust was used to make the place seem so perfect, and the people there so invincible. It was interesting. But in any case, here’s to facades that are not so bad to fathom!


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