Go through the crevices of the boulder-size grey rocks. Fit your feet and hands in the spaces between the rocks. Lift your leg up gently. Shift your body weight just enough to get some breeze and balance. Pull your entire body over the top of the next rock. Tell yourself you’re almost there, even though you know damn well you’re not. Continue stepping, climbing, lifting and jumping from rock to rock. Look for and follow the spray-painted red arrows to get to the Sky Top of Mohonk Mountain. Walk over a few creaky wooden bridges. Fit into the spaces that only small creatures can slither and glide through. Climb two large ladders that seem to go on infinitely. Have someone lift your petite-self out of the crevice and into the open. Take photos with this scenic background that’s now leveled with your own body. Find the next bridge. Run up the ramp. Breathe in cold new air. Appreciate that you’re finally at the Monhonk Tower. Breathe again, and smile now.

p.s. On Saturday, I conquered getting to Mohonk Tower through the lemon squeeze rock scramble maze. It was so thrilling and magical. So here’s to taking nature all in!

p.s.s. I did this all in fall boots!

p.s.s.s. I had an awesome time there: celebrating my 5 year anniversary with Joseph. 🙂


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