Communication Skills? I’d like to say I write well, and can articulate my ideas just as well verbally.

Computer skills? I’d like to think that by the end of my sophomore year in college, I am well-equipped to tackle editing equipment and other broadcast-related devices.

Interpersonal Skills? I’d like to say that I’m not afraid of talking to people, so I can do this.

Objectivity? I’d like to think that I do acknowledge when my bias becomes popular opinion, and not fact with supportive claims.

Persistence? I’d like to say, if I need to, I’d continue to find someone who can get the information I need.

Stamina? I know that college is preparing me to do lots of work and activities in a 13 hour plus bracket of time. I believe that I’ll be fine.

p.s. I’m researching information on journalism and communication fields for my Career Exploration project, and I’m learning a lot about what I want to delve into. It’s good to be prepared now, rather than be prepared to fail later. Thanks, Dad (for that constant reminder)! So, here’s to acknowledging and planning what you want to do for a lot of your adult life!


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