I’ll be over here: trying to get my last thoughts on my blog post down.

I’ll be over here: watching a show while wiping my tears from escalating emotions.

I’ll be over here: hearing the music and listening to the lyrics.

I’ll be over here: doing research and homework and essays.

I’ll be over here: conversing with adults.

Ill be over here: eating snacks like bowls of Captain Crunch cereal.

I’ll be over here: calling my family on the phone because I want to hear how they are doing.

I’ll be over here: I’ll hardly be over there.

p.s. Yesterday I heard and listened to the lyrics of “Here” by Alessia Cara, and it’s absolutely amazing. Teens and young adults who are not totally into going dancing or clubbing every day can totally resonate with the narration in her song. Check it out. It’s worth it. Here’s to kicking it back without being at a party!


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