Get on the long line going into the gym. Stand around with your friends not totally sure whether or not you need to be on this line to pay or not. Hear some upperclassman say, “It’s free! Just show your ID at the front desk.” Smile with your friends; you all love free. Scan all the blue bleachers for empty spaces. Sit comfortably. Hand signal your other friends to where you’re sitting. Scooch a bit over. Watch the game all the while “oo-ing and aw-ing.” Scream every time Vassar’s basketball team gets a point. Critique their burgundy uniforms. Obsess over the damn cute damn good players scoring for New Paltz. End the first game of the season with your throat dry from aggressively yelling, your risks hurting from the-back-and-forth-squeezing of your best friend Melisa’s hands all out of anxiety, and overall exhaustion from standing up every 30 seconds to catch those swell slam dunks.

p.s. We won! Such an awesome game to begin the season, and begin a Friday night full of cheer. 70 to 68. Let’s go Hawks! To many more awesome basketball games with energy and intensity! #npsocial


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