I remember watching Dumbo and thinking how cruel humans can be to animals sometimes. I remember riding the elephant in Thailand, and how the crate tied to its back seemed to be a burden. I remember bathing a pregnant elephant in Thailand, while thinking why should this female animal continue to work for tourists when she’s carrying an offspring in her tough grey womb. And when the guide told me to press down on her stomach with enough pressure to feel the baby’s heart beat through my palms, I said no. I didn’t want to hurt the baby or the mother. I wanted to hear the baby’s heart beat under the condition that the mother wouldn’t feel pain, and I couldn’t assure that. So I wonder, what the world would think if we locked up people in the entertainment business with chains around their ankles and wrists, in order to make them obey us 6 months later. I wonder what the world would do if people in the entertainment business had heavy crass crates on the spines of their backs to transport other people along. I wonder what the world would feel if other people put enough pressure on the bellies of women in the entertainment business, just to feel the heartbeat of their unborn baby. Most people would object.

p.s. Last Monday, I heard a presentation in English class about the captivity of elephants within a circus, and it was so disheartening. So I wrote a post to consider the roles of elephants and humans  being reversed. Here’s to acknowledging that animal cruelty exists on my levels, and to spreading awareness about how we can prevent such things.



2 thoughts on “Dumbo

  1. I agree… Its horrible and not justifiable. you should check this company thats called INDE, its awesom! they have created virtual 3D animals that look so real. Basically solving the ‘educational’ reason why zoos are allowed to keep animals. Its a start!

    have a look at my blog i think you’ll like it 🙂


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