Feel the pulse within your hand as you grip the gun. Wrap your fingers tightly around the receiver for extra grip. Press your sweaty palms together as closely as you can. Keep your pointer finger away from the trigger safety. Slightly bend your knees. Move your upper body forward. Look straight ahead at your thin, paper target. Breathe. Take a few seconds. Breathe. Pull the trigger. Feel the release, the recoil. Think: boom boom boom boom, like in Empire.

p.s. Last Tuesday, my dad took me to BASICS: Range and Gun in Florida. We both learned a lot about guns, and in particular how to hold and shoot a 9mm glock for range purposes. It was definitely a thrilling kind of rush and experience. Glad I was able to enjoy the experience with my dad. So here’s to thrilling experiences!



One thought on “boom boom boom boom

  1. Glad you had fun! Memorize and always practice the “Golden Rules of Firearm Safety” and you’ll have a lifetime of fun in a very addictive sport.


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