Go to Hasbrouck dining hall. Hear the Salsa music fading in and out of the speakers. Think that maybe some Caribbean food will be waiting for you in the back. Do a vuelta ( a turn or 2) to find more food you’ll think you’ll enjoy. Spot arroz con gandules (yellow rice and beans), the same kind your grandmother would make. Look at how the cilantro (parsley) is drizzled so perfectly on top of the yellow rice to make it fancy. Analyze how juicy the type of brown, tender meat looks. Grab a plate, and say thanks to chef Jose. Turn a corner. Blink once or twice at the small piece of tembleque (custard pie with cinnamon and coconut bits ) staring back at you. You think, “Wow, just like how your great grandmother, who you call Mama, would make it.” Taste everything. Get seconds of the platter. Get quadruple of the postre (dessert). And believe everything it lit right about now.

p.s. Today Chef Jose made his favorite Puerto Rican dish for the holidays. I really appreciate that because I haven’t had Spanish food at my campus before today. So, here’s to tasting a bit of home! #2weekstilhome

p.s.s. Thanks so much Chef Jose! I was super happy, and so were my friends!



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