Joseph and I go down the basement of our dorm hall to check out the status of the washing machines. We scan the room, looking for machines that are not broken, smelly, or occupied. Then, we realize that the same machines we thought were broken an hour ago were all of sudden–not. Side note: the custodian that looked at me weird when I yelled because I stubbed my toe trying to rush into the laundry room must have fixed it. Anyways, our eyes light up at the thought of getting laundry done. Yay!

p.s. On Wednesday, Joseph and I started washing clothes to begin preparing for our voyage back home. Our expressions regarding being able to do laundry were the funniest and most shocking ones yet in our college experience. It was one of those expressions one just had to see for him/herself. Here’s to making laundry fun! #onlyincollege


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