My little brother portrayed President Barack Obama Jr. as he dressed in a suit, vest, tie, and little mohawk, and relayed his powerful speech. His friend Leanna portrayed Frida Kahlo as she dressed in a floral outfit with lots of jewelry, and showed off her beautiful Kahlo-like portraits. His friend, M.D., wore a cat -in-the- hat kind of hat, and a mustache attached to his glasses to portray Dr. Seuss. His friend Reggie portrayed Jackie Robinson with a Yankees T-shirt, cap, bat, and pride. His friend Christian portrayed William Shakespeare with his suit and mustache. His friend Karine portrayed Steven Spielberg as she showed off a mini silver tripod and her interpretation of a megaphone, clapper board, and rolling camera. His friend Cassandra portrayed Sacajawea with a baby doll attached to the back of her dress. And last but not least, his friend Amy portrayed Mahatma Ghandi, as she was wrapped in a beige bed sheet, wore large circle glasses, as well as open-toed sandals.

p.s. My mother, grandmother, and I went to my little brother’s school in the upper Bronx to see his class perform their portrayal of historic figures. I was incredibly impressed with their presentations:appearance-wise and vocally. I was so happy I could see my brother in action, as well as learn from the third graders in his classroom. So here’s to learning from each other!

p.s.s. Job well-done class 3-311 at P.S. 7, The Gifted and Talented School. 🙂 (omg my brother’s smarter than me)


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