1. The pursuit of self-awareness is difficult and requires dedication. If am to become more self-aware, I must stop myself when I realize I am interrupting someone because I am overloaded with new thoughts. I must pause when I realize I am talking too much, and not allowing anyone else to process, react, or respond to my own response. I must learn to do this often, if not always, slowly but steadily, and kindly.

2. Practice being self-reflective. If I am to become more self-reflective, I must learn to reflect at different parts of the day after errors, mistakes, or even, progress. I must question my every move to make sure my code of conduct was in place. I must think about my thinking, and not let it overwhelm or challenge me, and instead, let it just guide the elegance in me.

3. Have a philosophical foundation to return to. If I am to successfully conquer this practice, I must remember why I am doing it. I must be my own critique, and follow through with the purpose. I must allow this foundation to be there when I need it, whether it be a quote, a song, or a post-it note that helps me become the better person I want to be.

p.s. My dad sent my mom, sister, and I an article by Paul Jun titled, “Why Self-Awareness Is the Secret Weapon for Habit Change.” Jun clearly expressed the way in which people often don’t hold themselves accountable for their mistakes because of their lack of self-awareness and self-knowledge. He guides us through ways in which we can improve this life practice. So here’s to self-awareness!

p.s.s. Some of my favorite quotes from the article are below.

*It is extremely difficult to humbly admit a shortcoming instead of fabricating a tale to mitigate the blow.

*Seek to understand, not to be right.

*Self-knowledge is power.

*Self-awareness is a practice, a muscle that grows with time and effort that ultimately provides us strength.

Here’s the article if you would like to check it out, http://99u.com/articles/30437/its-all-our-fault-self-awareness-as-a-secret-weapon-for-habit-change.


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