I knock harshly on the school bus window, the window in which my brother is gently breathing and sleeping on. He wakes up startled, and kind of rolls his eyes. But I let it pass. He’s probably just trying to reorient himself from his semi-nap. He soon realizes who I am, and jumps up from his seat. He comes down the bus, and I ask him if he’s still tired. He says, “I was fainting. It’s too hot in that bus. That’s why I was sleeping.” I laugh, and he takes off his hat and gloves even though it’s 40 degrees outside. I guess he’s recuperating from the roasting of the bus ride. We continue walking hand and hand along the streets near our home to buy his “after-school” snack: hot popcorn. We stop by 3 stores with no luck of purchasing his favorite hot fetish. So he settles happily for the purple Doritoz bag, a few “now and later” candies in cherry and apple flavors, and a bit of our favorite gummy hamburger sweets. 19 minutes have passed until we’re home, safe and sound.

p.s. I picked up my brother from the bus stop yesterday, and he was so happy to see me. I told him I’d pick him and my sister up from school this week, since I’d be  going back upstate to my school for my 2nd semester next week. So, here’s to enjoying mini pit-stops and adventures before you head back to reality!


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