Or should I say unites? Because after knowing of and about one another at our high school, the formerly known, The Beacon School, some people from my old high school and I finally met up to catch up at our new school in college. At our old school, we would say hi and bye to each other. That’s called being polite. Plus, we kind of liked each other. But now, we’re in the same college. We have another 4 years to get to know each other, and it’s kind of a special and radical thought.  Life is radically weird like that, too. Life takes people in different paths, but at one point, those very same people meet. They cross paths, and it’s a nice connection, or reconnection. At New Paltz, we called it, “The Beacon dinner.” We started as we began: with a family, or rather, “Beacon” bear hug.

p.s. Some of my peers from high school got together to have dinner yesterday, and it was really interesting and refreshing. It feels good to know some familiar faces, and catch up on life even though we’re in the same school (again).  So, here’s to a celebration of starting over with the same faces in a new place!




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