To store memories

that will lose their cadence

without the carbon copy.

To store strong feelings

that derive from those memories,


To transfer the images and liveliness in one’s mind

to a mind

that’s meant to remember

those images and liveliness.

p.s. The essence of a flash drive is what I needed on Friday BEFORE my laptop screen seemed to have cracked internally, leaving an gashing black, white, and occasionally rainbow reflection apparent. I’ll have to take my laptop to the geek squad on campus soon. Hopefully they’ll be able to retrieve my photos from Thailand, my original poems, and my Microsoft Word Version (2013). I’m really doing some wishful thinking, but it’s worth a shot. I won’t stress until I have to, and even then, what’s done is done. So, here’s to the essence of a flash drive!

p.s.s SAVE everything on back-ups, always! Don’t be like me. Or be like me, feel sorry for yourself for a bit, call your mom, then learn from your mistake.


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