Mission 1: Breathe in and out without effort or thought. Your brain needs to rest.

Mission 2: Reflect on everything and anything throughout the day. These pauses are how you organize yourself, collect your thoughts, and find intellectual, emotional, and physical peace.

Mission 3: Enjoy your own company. Relish in your independence & achievements and pride. It’s okay to feel confident without being arrogant. It’s okay to be selfish without being self-absorbed. It’s okay, or will be.

Mission 4: Find comfort. Healthy, non-narcissistic comfort that guides you, protects you, nourishes you, and nurtures you. Find comfort that feeds your soul.

Mission 5: Listen to your favorite songs all the time and sing along. It’s liberating.

Mission 6: Watch your favorite television shows and movies. Cry, laugh, and feel with and for the characters.

Mission 7: Be hard on yourself just enough to do better next time. It’s okay to challenge yourself, without killing yourself.

Mission 8: Do things with others. Laugh. Travel. Jump. Shop. Drink. Dance. Sing. Eat.

p.s. On Tuesday, my brother and I played one of our favorite games on Wii Play, in which we shot targets and dropped mines. We finally got up to the 8th mission after several tries & we felt super awesome! A girl I know also wrote 19 reminders for herself before she turned 20, and posted them on FB. Her well-written prose and perhaps, poem helped me create these 8 mission statements. So, here’s to missions literal, physical, and intellectual!


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