Berlin is where men and women try to make ends meet at nightclubs and hotels. They expose their flesh, bare bones, and expressive emotions without hesitation. There’s no time to think about what kind of sacrifice is needed to survive.  At this time and place, life is not about living. Falling in love is difficult because politics often get in the way. The Nazis are coming, and thus, the Jews are unwanted, scared, and lonely. In essence, Cabaret is about sacrifice and protection, trying to make ends meet at nightclubs and hotels for entertainment and food on the table, and a life without true love. All because: politics are terrifying, life-changing, and destructing.

p.s. Bare Bones Theatre Company put on Cabaret, The Musical in McKenna Theatre on Saturday. The production was told in a humorous perspective, even though the overarching themes and message were heavy. The Cabaret scenes were super entertaining, but the mood I was left with was incredibly sad. The production took me to Berlin in the 1930’s– the nightlight, the political life, and the terror of life with Hitler in power. Thank you Bare Bones, for putting on an engaging and touching play.


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