Cryonics, a conservation of the body’s brain full of memories and experiences

Reanimation of a person who was once gone

Yields conversations about morality, and about the future

Opportunity to live life again

Nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, that is, is used in the process of preserving the body’s cells

Innovation at its finest, as a it provides a potentially new outlook on life beyond clinical death

Costly, but a heart may able to beat again

Science: unfathomable and unpredictable, but nonetheless, necessary

p.s. Joseph wrote a research paper about cryogenic freezing and the morality of bringing someone back to life using this process. He actually has to present this topic to his English class, and practiced presenting it in front of me. I gave him feedback, and learned something new, too. So, here’s to a life beyond death, if that’s a definite for you!


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