You’re a royal. A royal pain in my ass like Holden from The Catcher in the Rye would say. You offer me apple pie boxes empty. You say you’ll spend time with me, and then remember seconds later that you have a show to watch. You make plans and then decide that being home may feel way better. You miss me and then you say I annoy you. You’re a royal. But I love you so, Kate.

p.s. On Sunday, my grandma treated my family and I to breakfast at a great diner in Yonkers before heading to church. We were all talking when my sister and I were being all cute–saying ‘love you’ to each other, when I finally said, “You’re a royal pain in my ass, but I still love you.” Then everyone started laughing. She really is, but that’s what sisters are for. So, to being royal!


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