Laugh wickedly, wildly, wonderfully about lovely things. Sleep in. Your body deserves it. Your mind needs it. Your heart aches for it. Taste exotic foods in exotic places with freaking exotic, authentic beings. Cry rainfalls and waterfalls that later reflect hidden rainbows, hidden blessings, and hidden lessons in the sky, on the concrete, and in your soul. Drink fruit smoothies; they’re so glorious in savor. Read to explore and experience feelings  and places you would have never imagined. Travel as much as you can. Be kind; exemplify kindness; embody kindness. That is your superpower. Love better. Love more. Love, love: because to understand what it is to be at peace, to be in full bliss, to love and be loved, is to be so human.

p.s. I saw a post on FaceBook today regarding how to live life. So, here’s to living life, and starting today!


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