You can meet your future employer anywhere. He can come from Washington D.C., but he can tell you he was originally born in Israel. He can have a wife, a daughter, and baby boy, and have you think wow, it’s tough shopping with kids, sifting through clothes, and lunging around a stroller, but it must be beautiful, too. You can ring him up and he can comment on your high school ring or something, and then you both get into a conversation about school. And when you talk about school, you can’t not mention writing. Then he has you write down the name of your blog site. You can meet your future employer at a retail store in Times Square where apparently they sell the best of jeans because it’s a revolution. But in the end, you’re the revolution.

p.s. On Thursday, I met a man at work who said he’d check out my blog. A lot of people say they will. But somehow, writing down my name and site, makes the act of checking out the blog, a little more like smooth concrete. So, here’s to the unpredictability in any time, any place, and anywhere!


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