to try out for you, Urban Lyrics. You change lives through building poetic families.

to manage you, NPCTV. You are already stressing me but I signed up to build you, and for you to build me.

to apply for internships, Unknown. You are available everywhere and simultaneously unavailable anywhere. I’m looking forward to finding you, and finding me.

to study abroad, World. You have so many beauties I have yet to discover. I’m ready for you South America, Caribbean, and Europe.

to live life, Life. You’re unfathomable. I strive to learn your ways.

p.s. On Saturday, someone from Urban Lyrics, SUNY New Paltz’s poetry team, wrote a status on FaceBook about how joining that club changed his life. I’m so ready to continue having beautiful, powerful people and experiences change mine. Here’s to looking into a bright future through anticipation, and then action!


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