“On behalf of my dad, here’s why he should be a part of The Man’s League. For starters, I never truly understood the madness of fantasy football until I read Matthew Berry’s wild and wonderful novel, Fantasy Life. Now, from August to December, I don’t question my dad’s intentions to get a little crazy, have fun trash talking, and (ultimately) win a league based on real players and real money. My siblings, Kate and Jaden, call his potential win: Christmas money, because that’s exactly what it will be used for. So we root for him, his players, and of course, do our best to keep the faith.

Two summers ago, he took me to Matthew Berry’s signing of Fantasy Life at The Barnes and Noble on 86th Street. I told Berry I was looking into Syracuse University at the time to pursue journalism. He loved father bonding time, and the fact that I was interested in SU for my passion. He then chose my dad’s fantasy football team that year out of a list of names my dad had created and signed our book. Berry chose ‘Smoke N’ Mirrors’ for my dad’s team. He then wrote: “To Raul and Dynahlee, ‘They say writing is fighting… here’s to giving it a good fight!'” I can attest to that as I’m writing this prompt right here, right now. I can also attest to Berry’s virtue in that fantasy football brings families together. Again, right here and right now. And that for certain my dad would be honored to be a part of The Man’s League. He’s the commissioner for his league, The Rumble League, which was created in 2007– the same year The Fantasy Focus podcast began. He also plays in another league, and this third league, would be the icing on the cake he already eats.

p.s. I used Berry’s advice from the signing for my senior yearbook quote in high school. Now I’m at SUNY New Paltz, year two, pursuing journalism. Thanks Berry on my behalf, and also thanks to all the other members of the podcast that my dad, Raul, loves talking about: Starphania Bell,  Field Yates, Secret Squirrel, and Soon-to-be-nicknamed Kyle!”

p.s.s. Between last evening and today, I crafted and re-visited this prompt for my dad. He really really REALLY would like to get into a fantasy football league with the professionals–that is, ESPN analysts and announcers who he truly listens to, and admires, especially around this time since it’s football season. I hope he gets in with our creative minds put together! So, here’s to combining efforts!


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