I think I’m going to drop a class before even stepping one foot in.

One look at the syllabus and I’m drowning, I’m giving in, to sin.

Questions I’ve answered multiple times at different times over a timeline of years.

Different professor and setting desensitizes the aura of the questions, so that the meaning isn’t the the same gist

But my questions are:

how will I make it through

before stepping one foot in?

in a class full of the same chapters

cloaked in the wonders of deep reads, late nights, and crazy sin?

p.s. Goodness Gracious being a sophomore is hella hard work! Is this what I signed up for? YES! By the way this is how I will mentally prepare for school from now on. That is, looking at the syllabus, crying a little inside, writing a sad, deep poem about how much I don’t want to do this work, and then reminding myself that I actually do want to do this work.

Disclaimer: I’m going back to school in 4 days, am working all week, and am a little salty that I worked so much this summer for various goals I set in mind to then be broke to my bare bones because I didn’t account for life to get in the way. On that note, here’s to happier days!


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