You make time for things that make you happy. Eating all kinds of junk and Spanish food, because you know your metabolism will bless your figure. You know you can’t cook. You know you won’t learn, until you have no other choice. You also really know how much you’re going to work out when you get back to school. So eating all kinds of junk like you’ve never eaten before is a given. Having very big sister talks with your siblings whilst being oddly weird so that they can listen, focus, and retain the information. Being reminded that you are also a child, as they turn right back around and give you their version of a talk beginning and ending in “You better not get pregnant!” So funny that you can’t help but crack a smile, and can’t help but imagine how many versions of talks happen across time for all college students who head back up to school so soon. Reminding yourself to write to your friends because you never know where life will take them. So you write long messages of appreciation and gratitude and understanding, making sure that the next time is a cause for celebration, a cause to link up. Because when you grow up: you want to be happy, you want to be at peace, you want to be loved and have all those emotions reciprocated, too.

p.s. On Wednesday I saw a post on Instagram that said: “Make time for things that make you happy.” Time is so essential for anything and everything, and making time for anything and everything is just as essential. Here’s to making time for a life well lived!


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