You are stressed the way you always get stressed for anything and everything when you are under pressure. You are already dwelling on the fact that you must bring all your shit down 5 flights of stairs with 5 pairs of hands; yet, you know in your soul it will still be difficult. You’ve been there and done that. Regardless, you and your family do what you all have to do. 1 bike, 3 suitcases, 3 bins, a mirror, a rug, 7 trash bags of clothing, 10 T. J. MAXX bags full of your life,  and 5 humans in the vehicle later, everything you thought wouldn’t fit did. Thus, towards upstate you go. 1 hour and 27 minutes later you arrive. The welcome crew unpacks your black van, placing everything in your room. You think: “Wow, great service!” And thank them a million and one times. Your parents say “Let’s go eat. You two are big enough to unload yourselves. You’re adults now.” You feel surprised , but you don’t mind. “No more crying to your mama cus you’re on your own in the real world. Ain’t in fun?” Sometimes, you think.

p.s. Happy Moving-In-Day (even though I’m a week late)! It was a process, but a necessary one. Special thanks to my family, my grandma, Joseph, and the welcome crew for making the process run so much more smoothly. Cannot believe year 2 is here.


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