Journalism matters because it brings awareness to things the public would have never known otherwise. News matters because it can help, protect, or inspire people. Stories can identify and create empathy with and for people. The package can be the first or last or best or worst or smallest or largest of anything. Bringing the content to the light, to the public, can change the way someone thinks or lives. Journalism matters because news affects people far away or near, somehow someway, for better or for worse, all the time. Journalism matters especially because it’s omnipresent.

p.s. I’ve officially began my academic career into the world of journalism as I am now taking Journalism I. I declared last spring, and on Wednesday, I began delving into the readings within my textbook.The readings have reaffirmed why I want journalism to be a part of my life even more so. So, here’s to getting a little closer to the career of my dreams!


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