I committed and attended to the school I am in now at the right time, with the right people, and for the right purpose. There are so many additions to the school that I didn’t even know would be available when I first decided to come here. The residence hall in which I’ve lived since last year, is a prime example of extraordinary additions. The Wooster Hall, a brand new science building with new food options, and a stunning design, is another one of the additions that give the campus life. Hasbrouck Dining Hall has just been renovated and the booth-style sitting, plus new ice cream machine, are awesome–especially for freshmen who get unlimited swipes there. Every semester, I see the campus continuing to grow and evolve, and by the time I graduate, it will be a whole new place. Nonetheless, a place I would have stayed in love with.

p.s. Happy Labor Day! Overall, this weekend has been super productive as well as fun. Today, I checked out the newly renovated dining hall, and I absolutely love the changes my campus is undergoing because growth and improvement is always a great thing. So, here’s to perfect timing, growth, and improvement!


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