The way ice cream flavors are preferred.

The way books are preferred.

The way colors are preferred.

The way words are preferred.

The way seasons are preferred.

Love is preferred, too.


Love is preferred

similar to the way…

The way ice cream flavors allure your heart and melt your tongue.

The way books allure your mind and fill your heart.

The way colors allure your eyes and speak to you.

The way words allure your mouth and feed your soul.

The way seasons allure, and change you.


Love is preferred:

Alluring your heart, and melting your tongue.

Alluring your mind, and filling your heart.

Alluring your eyes, and speaking to you.

Alluring your mouth, and feeding your soul.

Alluring you, and changing you.

p.s. Last night I covered a story on the silent walkathon held at SUNY New Paltz to commemorate those lives lost in the June 2016 Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub. A member from Urban Lyrics performed a poem about love, and his last line struck me. He said, “Love is preferred.” And that is so true. Here’s to what’s preferred!


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