that Guatemalans suffer through so much poverty

that there are programs just to help children, pregnant or nursing  mothers, and abandoned elderly citizens get a basic necessity: food

that to be a part of such programs, some families cannot even afford the 5 cents it cost to get in

that “7 out of 10 children in the local community are chronically malnourished” (Konojel).

I didn’t know;

but some things

need to be told and learned about

p.s. On Thursday, Andrew Raphael, an alumni from SUNY New Paltz, who has been living in Guatemala for 5 years, shared his story about how his time at the institution led him to becoming  Co-Founder and Executive Director at Konojel Community Center Group, in San Marcos, a place where people come together to help those in need. He was inspiring to many of us. So, here’s to bringing important topics like poverty and privilege to light!


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