It’s important to vote. But why? Why do you hear it? What’s so important about it? Why make it your business to do so? “Why now?” and “Who cares,?” as my Journalism I professor asks daily about the stories her students pitch.

But why? Your vote in combination with other votes has the potential to change lives. Your vote in conjunction with the collective can be the difference between living life or surviving life for an immigrant who can’t vote at all.

Why do you hear it? You hear it because it needs to be said. This information needs to be heard. It needs to be listed to. It needs to be shared.

Why make it your business to do so? You have a right. That right equates to a vote. That vote transpires into change–no matter how big or how small.

“Why now?” This Presidential Election is happening in the present. It’s happening right now. It’s happening as we blink, as we sleep, as we busy ourselves with this mundane world. It’s making history, marking a passage of time, and simply being. It’s here.

“Who cares?” People without a voice care. People who want change care. People who want a better future care.

p.s. I watched HBO’s special, Habla y Vota, in which Latino celebrities narrate their insights and stories about one’s voice and impact in this upcoming election, with part of NPCTV’s Spanish Department last evening. The short film was incredibly moving and changed the way I see the process of voting. I learned the value of a single voice. I learned that it matters. So, here’s to voices, votes, and views in this insanely beautiful world we are living in today.

Keep in mind: The last day for voter registration is Friday Oct. 14. Nov.8 is National Election day.

Thank you to the Lamda Pi Upsilon Sorority, Latinas Poderosas Unidas, Inc. for inviting the community to an event relaying a special, important message that will mean something more very soon.







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