If I had to explain to my future employer my process to edit a video on Adobe Premiere I would want to say: 1st, I breathe. 2nd, I open up the application. 3rd, I go on the desktop and into the specified folders to find the content. 4th, I cry a little. 5th, I drag the content into the application. 6th, I organize the various clips in bins or folders on app. 7th, I watch the clips and choose where to cut noise and words out. 8th, I listen to my trainer, but then immediately forget what she tells me to do when I go to do it. 9th, I put my head down on the table. 10th, I try again.

p.s. The Production Director from NPCTV is teaching me how to edit. It was hard work but I am pretty good at making the first rough cut. I was hesitant of putting this on my resume, but the Sports Director from NPCTV told me that any experience no matter how little or big related to your career is important to note. So I was talking with my friend Jo last week,  who is also the secretary of NPCTV about what I’d want to say to the person conducting the interview if they told me to be completely honest and it was a judgement-free zone. Super funny discussion. Anyhow, here’s to learning how to edit news packages!


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